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The droids start things off, following Master Luke's plan, by going to Jabba the (Pizza) Hutt and offering themselves as gifts. Pretty soon, all the gang is assembled together at Jabba's place listening to funky music and watching pretty dancing girls get eaten by monsters. Of course, as the Princess is the next dancing girl in line, Luke shows up to put an end to this custom. Everyone escapes after a big explosive party and little Leia strangles the big slug, Jabba for making all those cracks about her skimpy outfit.

Soon, Luke is on his way back to Kermit the.. er.. you know who I mean... to finish his Jedi training, but alas Yoda is on his deathbed and anyway, he says Luke knows enough to confront his father, Vader. The Skywalker family seems to be bigger than we once thought as it turns out that Princess Leia is Luke's own twin sister - although they don't really look the same. If you remember in the first movie, Luke frenched his sister... ewww...

Anyway, the rebels are all prepared to fight a final battle with the Empire, which has conveniently pulled another Death Star out of their collective helmets. Led by Admiral Calamari/Ackbar, the fleet waits for the crack team led by Luke, Han Solo (now freed from his deep freeze), Chewbacca and Princess Leia to turn off a force field that protects the new Death Star. They do this with the help of walking teddy bears who think that C3P0 (the golden butler droid) is a god. Luke faces his Papa in a lightsabre duel again and the Emperor cackles and generally makes a lot of sparks and noise.

Finally, despite the Emperor's and Vader's attempts to turn Luke to the dark side of the Force, Luke remains a goody and even manages to subdue his father. But the Emperor won't stand for a good Luke so he almost kills him until a weakened, and now-good Darth Vader tosses the Emperor into some energy field and so our team wins again (like we didn't know that).

The after-party hangover is felt all over the galaxy and there's some funky dancing with the little teddy-bear Ewoks that I don't really want to get into. Final shot of fireworks exploding over the ghosts of Kermit the .... er Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi and finally Darth Vader, or Anikin Skywalker as he was known when we was a good guy, who is now allowed to do the cool ghost thing since he's switched sides to the good side of the Force.

All I can say is THANK YOU George Lucas for changing the original ending to this movie because the music was really ..um.. hokey? Hard to say this about a movie I love but the ending was just too cotton-candy cutesy. At least now there's celebrations shown around the galaxy by planetary citizens who are probably really happy that they no longer have to pay that dang Death Star tax. And showing us these big galactic urban centres makes it easy for us to move into the new Phantom Menace which promises a movie more in the fast lane.