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The journey continues from the Rebel Base on the tropical planet on Dantooine to a considerably less inviting one on the ice-ball Hoth. Big metallic bow-wows that spit fire are sent by the empire to fight against stupid men on the ground (now THAT's bright thinking, Rebels) and their too-few fighter ships that seem to get totalled too fast. Of course the Rebels win this one somehow, but not before Luke gets to play Master & Servant with the Abominable Snowman. He escapes only to be saved from freezing by the ghost of Ben Kenobi and Han Solo (who was stupid enough to follow Luke outside after the doors of the base were closed for the sub-sub-zero night. So Obi-Wan is somehow alive and Luke is covered in tawn-tawn guts and how the heck does Han Solo stay warm this night then?

Soon Luke's destiny gets him onto a warmer swamp planet - Dagobah - where he meets Kermit the .. er. Yoda, the Jedi Master. He quickly loses his temper many many times, not impressing his Jedi Master at all. He goes through some weird test using the Force where his face ends up on a dead Darth Vader and of course we all get freaked out at this part. While doing some other exercises, he sees a vision of his friends in trouble and goes to find them. Summary: Boy meets Yoda, Boy leaves Yoda, Boy discovers Darth Vader is Daddy.

Princess Leia and the smuggler, Han Solo, start having 'feelings' and Darth Vader sets a trap for all of them on the cloud planet Bespin, where the Cloud City of Lando Calrissian hangs in the air, and where Luke ends up doing the same. Luke gets drawn to this planet somehow using the Force and meets his Dad for a duel. Han Solo gets the cold shoulder (the rest of him is frozen too, for transport to Jabba the Hutt) and it's all fun and games until Luke loses his hand, courtesy of Vader's lightsabre, after which he takes a ride on one of the best slides ever - but notice he ends up in the garbage system yet again. Is Luke Skywalker galactic trash?

Everyone scurries away to regroup somewhere else and fight the evil Emperor (who really is not pretty) and ensure a fair and prosperous future. From the new mobile rebel fleet, Lando and Chewbacca take off to save Han from his frozen fate while Luke recovers with a new metalllic hand.